Save Lives

Malnutrition a huge problem

Malnutrition is a huge problem in Uganda. The first six years of a child's life are essential for its development. We have started the fight against malnutrition and already helped hundreds of children get back on track with their development and have even saved many from death.

Our first aim is prevention

Poverty often is the cause of malnutrition but lack of knowledge and an unbalanced diet are large contributors as well. That is why we conduct outreaches in the wide area around us. We educate these remote communities about the dangers of malnutrition, how to recognize the symptoms and signals of malnutrition and how to create a more balanced diet. Many believe there is no cure for malnutrition other then adding more food, many other hospitals turn malnourished children away. We often call on former patients and their parents to bring their testimony about what is possible with the right treatment.

Treatment from home or in our clinic

If prevention is too late we start treatment with therapeutic peanut paste or infant formula. We coach the parents or caretakers as they come in to our clinic for checkups. If a child is severely malnourished we will admit him or her in our malnutrition center for extra care and attention by our medical staff. In this way we keep a close eye and can train the caregiver even more.

Help us fight

Already hundreds of children have been saved from malnutrition and its consequences but we need your support to continue. We offer the services, food and medication for free because the beneficiaries would not be able to cover the cost of the treatment. Will you join the fight?

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