Trade And Marketing

Coffee Marketing

Our Trade and Marketing Strategy

Our coffee marketing strategy communicates an origin brand message to our members. We work with them, perform public relations activities, organize field events and missions or area coffee festivals.

Further more we go through the coffee quality assessment and grade coffee samples for quality and taste, evaluate and approve samples for purchase and we do this for long term basis to ensure consistency

We develop or evaluate coffee blending practices and sourcing for product mix (origins, blend compositions, component substitutions, coffee for flavoring, certified coffees), as well as, manufacturing procedures related to pre- and post-roast blending

Our Coffee

Marketing Services

Learn more about the global market for coffee and how to reach it better. Analysis of public and private industry stakeholders, position, financial performance, market share and outlook

  1. Brand Development

    Branding plays a crucial role for coffee producers and coffee origin countries to develop trust among coffee buyers and raise premiums. NAFAU helps SMEs to communicate brand values authentically to buyer audiences

  2. Market Research

    our custom market analysis reports show coffee trends, consumption data and other indicators to identify or evaluate opportunities for trade. Producer analysis reports evaluating production quantities, quality, export markets for trade, and other requested factors

  3. Certification Assistance

    Sustainability standards and certifications, evaluating certification options and guidance to following program criteria for certification brand marks including Utz/Rainforest Alliance, Fair Trade (US and International), certified organic, Kosher and more

  4. Consulting

    Business and brand consulting all types of coffee businesses and qualities of coffee. Advice on producer and commercial strategy for commodity exchange grades through high-value specialty coffee. No bean is left behind

  5. Special Events

    Our association organizes objective and credible regional specialty coffee cupping festivals, with optional price discovery and coffee auction events for regional trade with coffee buyers