Youth Programes


Youth Potentials

In light of the recent global demographic developments, the topic of youth is becoming ever so essential. The world population is now growing by 83 million per year and 60% of Africans are under the age of 15. It’s one of our overarching foundation goals and therefore our responsibility to invest in the future and create prospects for the ones who will soon be our leaders and valuable contributors to society.

Currently, we seek to show the upcoming generation of coffee farmers that agriculture can be an attractive and lucrative income-generating activity. We are thereby not focusing on coffee exclusively but on a wide range of agricultural products. In addition, we also invest in young people’s skills so they are in a position to run profitable businesses or transition into other local job opportunities. The main goal is to empower young people in rural communities to improve their livelihoods and to explore their potentials.

Step by step, Noah's Ark Farmers Association Uganda, and its partners are building a more proactive, communicating, engaging and empathetic generation of young, bright and talented people around the community who are able to tackle the problems of tomorrow with conviction and purpose.

Our Youth

Through our youth programs, we are committed to contribute to achieving our youth sustainable development goals by seeking to show them that agriculture can be an attractive and lucrative income-generating activity.

Noah's Ark Farmers Association Uganda (NAFAU) being a brain child of Noah's Ark Children Ministry Uganda (NACMU), At the moment the Noah's Ark Children Ministry Uganda (NACMU) runs a children's home and over the years it has impacted the lives of thousands of children and adults. More than 190 children currently call Noah's Ark home.

We work with the youth from Noah's Ark Children Ministry and around the community and are actively involved in our specialty coffee farming. Most of our coffee farming projects are managed by the youth, we involve them in every stage of the coffee value chain beginning from coffee planting, weeding, harvesting, processing the coffee, Milling the beans, Roasting the coffee, Grinding the coffee and trade and marketing.

Our Youth

At Work.


Planting Coffee

This is done by the youth. The seed is where it all begins. So that's where we begin, too. The coffee plant is the most important technology in the coffee value stream


picking cofffee

When coffee is ready for harvest, we teach the youth the best methods of harvesting, we emphasize that only the red coffee berries should be picked


Drying Coffee on Turplines

The youth do the job of drying the coffee beans on the turplines, and this is done for a couple of days until it is turned black and with less moisture and ready to be hulled


Processing of Coffee

Nafau has setup a factory in kankulumira town where hulling is done, here is where the husks are removed from the coffee, this is all done by the youth


Sorting Coffee

After the coffee hulling process, still the coffee has to be sorted to remove the bad coffee from the good one which is roasted to make coffee, this is done by the youth


Marketing Coffee

Marketing coffee involves a series of events, branding, market research, consultation, organizing objective and credible specialty coffee festivals. This is all done by the youth.