Our Farmers Clinic

Farmers Clinic

Serving with a Patient's Heart

Our farmers' Clinic provides medical care to all those farmers who are members of Noah's Ark Farmers Association Uganda. It also extend this service to the people that live in the surrounding area. The farmers Clinic is registered as a health center, which means that minor injuries can be dealt with and common diseases like malaria, typhoid and flu can be treated. The clinic has its own delivery room, pharmacy, medical ward, malnutrition unit, Dental unit and laboratory. There is an ambulance on standby for emergencies. The process for treatment, testing and medicine is purposely kept low to allow more people to seek medical attention and care. The medical staff live on the compound and are available 24/7, and include a doctor, nurses, midwives and a lab technician.

Services Offered

Open 8am - 8pm – 24/7 Emergency Services
In-patient and out-patient care

Doctor's Consultation

There is always a doctor for any medical consultation.

Laboratory testing

We do all kinds of medical laboratory testings.


Our medical pharmacy is fully packed with drugs for patients


We carry out immunisation of children of all age


We Have Started The Fight Against Malnutrition

Maternal Health

Expectant mothers are provided ante-natal, delivery, post-natal

Counselling and Testing

Voluntary counselling and testing of all diseases

Reproductive Health

Condition of male and female reproductive systems

Emergency Ambulance

A standby ambulance in case of an emergency