New Horizon Community School

Certified Teachers

All our teachers are qualified and knowlegeable enough to teach our students

Regular Classes

We follow the Uganda National Curriculum plus extra activities, five days a week

Sufficient Classrooms

We have sufficient classrooms to alleviate overcrowding and cut class sizes creating suitable spaces to learn

Sports Facilities

sports and games curriculum is an integral and compulsory part of the education process.

Education Makes Humanity

New Horizon Community School

Noah's Ark Farmers Association Uganda in partnership with Noah's Ark Children Ministry Uganda have just started a New Horizon School to provide quality education in the community. All the children at the New Horizon Community School, there parents are farmers and members of the association who are coffee growers. As NAFAU, we collect school dues from the coffee that is brought in from the parents helping them (farmers) not to feel the burden of paying school dues at once.

More than 150 children waiting to go to school.


Many families who live hand-to-mouth from the land in the villages around Noah's Ark Farmers Association Uganda (NAFAU), the chances they can pay for their children to go to school are next to nothing. Many of the families are illiterate and have little hope of substantially changing their lives.

The rural schools around are poor, most teachers around are poor and many are drunkards due to frustration. The students therefore lack role models. Lack of lunch and poor classrooms make learning very difficult, concentration is minimal and most of the time the students are occupied by domestic chores.


We believe that education is the key to breaking this cycle of poverty and believe education will give them a New Horizon. Together with the farmers, Noah's Ark Farmers Association identifies farmers who are its members and offer their children to attend school through provision of coffee.

New Horizon has a Nursery School, Primary School operated by Noah's Ark Farmers Association Uganda. We follow the Ugandan curriculum and emphasise other valuable aspects of education such as sports, games and practical skills. Our school considers the growth of a student as a whole rather than only focusing on academic results.